Criminal Defense: Jury Trial Acquittal Charges Violation of Domestic Violence Rest Order (People vs. Santander) MCS
Criminal Defense: Hung Jury All Counts: (People vs. Ayala) 13NCR09771 Rape by Force, Oral Cop by Force Kidnapping, Dissuade Witness, False Imprisonment, and Corporal Injury AS
People vs. North-Charges 459(Burglary) & 487(A) (Grand Theft) - MCS
People vs. Barnes-Charges 417 (Brandishing) - MCS
People vs. Hayes-Charges 455 (Attempted Arson) - MCS
People vs. Landrus-Charges 211/212.5(c) (Attempted Robbery) - MCS
People vs. Silva-Charges 243e1 (Domestic Violence) - MCS
People vs. Johnson- Charges Fish & Game Violations Hunting Fox Out of Season MCS
People vs. Bill-Charges 11550 (Under the Influence) - MCS
People vs. Sharma-Charges Theft - MCS
People vs. Parra- Charges False Impersonation - MCS
People vs. Joyce Clark Acquittal at trial drug possession - MCS
People vs. Hernandez Acquittal at trial under the influence - MCS
Criminal Defense: Acquittal at trial (People vs. Powell) - Violation of a court order - MCS
DVRO: Dismissal of the case prior of trial (Chandra vs. Chandra) - MCS
DVRO: Dismissal of case at trial (Miller vs. Miller) MCS
Criminal Defense: ​ Dismissal of felony count of dissuading a witnesses at the preliminary hearing, (People vs. Perez) MCS
Criminal Defense: Acquittal at jury trial, (People vs. Mcpherson) - child molestation AS
Criminal Defense: Acquittal at jury trial, (People vs. Mendoza) - murder AS
Criminal Defense: Acquittal at trial, (People vs. Doerr) - drug sales & transportation AS
Criminal Defense: Acquittal at trial, (People vs. La Chapelle) drug sales AS
Criminal Defense: Hung trial, (People vs. Alejo) - driving under the influence AS
Family Law: A father came to us to find his daughter and fight for her return after she had been smuggled across the border and raised to believe that her grandparents were in fact her parents. I defeated a false claim of sexual abuse and reunited the father with his child. Now, he can start the difficult process of reestablishing a relationship with her. MCS
Criminal Defense: We were able to get a charge of 245(a)4 (assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury) and 243(e)(1) (spousal battery) dismissed because of our aggressive cross examination of the states witness (People vs. Sanchez) 
Criminal Defense: Attempted burglary charge dismissed after proving to the court that the district attorney could not prove their case. (People vs. Vongvilayphong) 
Criminal Defense: Felony Charge of Assault On A Peace Officer reduced to a misdemeanor and only community service after arguing off duty cop was not easily recognizable as a law enforcement officer. (People vs. Doe)
Criminal Defense: Two felony charges of P.C. 69 dismissed at Preliminary Hearing after showing that the officer was not threatened and the defendant's actions that night were not violent. (People vs. Nares) 
Criminal Defense: Dismissal of 6 year felony count of child endangerment. (People vs. Rothergy) 
Criminal Defense: Dismissal of felony count of grand theft at preliminary hearing. (People vs. Moore)