While Proposition 64 made the possession  and use of recreational marijuana legal, there isn’t anywhere an individual can legally buy it -— yet.
In order to sell recreational marijuana, a vendor must be licensed by the state’s Department of Consumer Affairs, which, according to the proposition, will begin issuing licenses by Jan. 1, 2018, and the permitting process will probably begin later rather than sooner.

“One of problems right now is that you’re able to possess it, but not purchase it,” said Matthew Smith, a Sacramento defense attorney. “The agency that the state has set up (the Bureau of Marijuana Control) — none of their budget this year is allocated to recreational marijuana. All of it is for medical marijuana. What that means is that the permitting process, from my understanding, won’t be in place until Jan. 2018. Only legal place to purchase it is at a dispensary for medical marijuana patients.”


The family of a Colusa man who died from injuries when a building he was helping demolish fell on him will receive $1.35 million to settle a wrongful death case, according to Colusa County Superior Court records. Because the settlement involves at least one minor child, it has to be approved by a judge. A hearing is set for May 7, one day after the third anniversary of Daniel Kesterson's death. Kesterson, 57, was helping take down the abandoned warehouse at 15 Fifth St., owned by Hoblit Rental Partners. A related company, Hoblit Motors Inc., also is a defendant. "My client is happy to have resolved the case without putting her children through a trial," said Matt Smith, a Sacramento lawyer who represents Kesterson's widow, Amber, and her five special needs children. 



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